VMG will help you set up a physical office in India in any location. We will be on the ground here helping you set up the office in every aspect. Hire your dedicated staff and set up your OWN back office. Unless otherwise requested, our role will be as below:

Setting up the office

  • We will shortlist suitable facilities in any location of your preference and share multiple options for you to choose from.
  • We will help you choose the most appropriate facility, sharing with you our perspective based on our understanding of the market.
  • You will take the final decision on what type of office facility to rent and the rent amount to pay.
  • We will sign the lease and employment contracts to help you get started quickly. Later on these contracts can be transferred to your own business entity inside India if required.

Assistance with hiring

  • We will help you recruit the required office staff to start with, and from time to time as the requirement may appear.
  • We will help you with tasks related to implementing your recruitment plan viz.job posting, reviewing applicants and shortlisting candidates, conducting initial interviews
  • We will share shortlisted candidate profiles along with their talent cost
  • The decision of selecting hires and finalizing recruitment will rest with you.

Office Administration

  • Management of office premises, providing required daily, monthly administrative support
  • Ensuring that the office property, equipment and furniture are well kept in smooth running condition

Providing General Supervision

  • VMG Coordinator will be responsible for managing leaves, staffing and all similar support for smooth functioning of your India office


  • We will assist you with all activities related to Payroll.


  • You will incur the actual salaries, rents and other expenses for running the office.
  • You will decide on the office facility to rent, whom to hire and what salaries to pay.
  • The manager appointed by you will be responsible for managing the operations and reporting to you.
  • You can monitor the team with 24/7 web cam
  • The same dedicated facility can be used 24/7. You can move other business operations in India and have other teams working in different shifts.
  • You can customize the operations in India the way you want.



The tech firm needed help with coding. They also wanted to deal directly with the coders.

VMG helped them hire the coders and also set up a dedicated office to work from. Having a dedicated office helped the tech firm hire senior level coders with rich industry experience. In a short span of time the company now has an enterprising team of coders working on multiple projects.

Their costs are significantly lower. They have a dedicated back office in India now.


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