Hire A Project Manager


  • Hire a project manager who can help you manage and coordinate multiple activities
  • Assign specific goals or short/long term project like revamping your website, launching your book, increasing traffic and conversions to your online store, assistance with product development & research
  • The project manager will bring relevant domain experience of the kind of assignments you will have for them
  • Rather than undergoing the pains of microinstructing an assistant, the project manager will ask you effective probing and clarifying questions to better understand the task delegated
  • All our project manager are graduates and postgraduates with excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Receive weekly/monthly status updates on projects assigned, progress made and directions sought
  • Start with a minimum of 4 hours of support per day and gradually increase your work relationship. This allows you both to scale the learning curve better and establish better compatibility
  • You will be able to better supervise the project manager as they would effectively tag the time used for misc aspects of the projects assigned on a time keeping tool
  • No long term contract, month to month service, cancel anytime


  • Tap into a wider talent pool than just that available locally
  • Hire only for the duration your business needs the resources of a project manager
  • Lower your employee costs
  • Lower your office costs as you don’t need to provide for a work space to this virtual team member
  • Focusing on your core tasks will help you grow your business

Why hire a Project Manager from VMG?


As a business owner you have lots of ideas to grow your business. You successfully implement a few but many others may be getting lost. Your bandwidth falls short as you lose focus at some point in time. VMG can help you collaborate with a project manager who’d help you manage and coordinate multiple activities, meet deadlines, pick up, remind you and help accomplish “to-dos” that were hitherto being missed.


It can be weary as a business owner to wear too many hats. Time is money and so one needs to be smart about how you’re spending it. VMG project managers can help you break down big tasks into sub tasks, find suitable resources within VMG to accomplish these task, help shortlist candidates for other specialized skills your business may need to hire temporarily. So that you can focus on your core tasks.


Hiring a project manager locally may work out to be much more expensive. If you hire locally in your own city you are greatly restricting the available talent pool that you can draw upon from. The cost savings from virtual manager/teams can help your business’ cash flow.


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