Hire a General Virtual Assistant (VA)

Our General Virtual Assistants can perform all such tasks that an office assistant you hire can accomplish. Depending upon the volume and regularity of work you could hire an on-Demand VA or a Dedicated VA.

Listed below are some of the tasks handled by our virtual assistants.

Basic Ecommerce related

  • Adding, updating and deleting product listings
  • Uploading images and videos, adding FAQs
  • Updating stock availability
  • Reviewing product description
  • Daily basic website maintenance tasks
  • Restore broken links and clean junk HTML
  • Creating blogs and newsletter for forthcoming sales, discounts & promotions
  • Answering customer queries
  • Communicating with other internal departments, couriers
  • Photo editing and resizing
  • Conducting basic market research
  • Find relevant bloggers who can be your affiliates or write about your product
  • Monitoring customer feedback and testimonials
  • Creating and Maintaining Standard Operating Procedures
  • Creating regular and routine reports for site traffic and sales
  • Setting up and monitoring heat maps to study customer behavior

Basic WordPress related

  • Creating a back up of your website regularly
  • Checking and updating all WordPress files - core files, plugins, and themes
  • Checking and deleting spam comments on your blog site
  • Testing your website forms periodically
  • Finding and fixing 404 errors, broken links
  • Adding pages and post
  • Basic customization of theme without modifying the code
  • Setting up and monitoring heat maps to study customer behavior

Data Management related

  • Data entry in Word, or Google docs
  • Creating and managing Google spreadsheets
  • Preparing PowerPoint / Keynote presentations
  • PDF conversion, splitting and merging

Schedule Management

  • Calendar management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Travel arrangement and planning

Blogging and Content related

  • Researching new post ideas
  • Proof, publish and uploading blogs
  • Moderating blog comments
  • Update old post to include new links
  • Adding tags & images to blog posts
  • Curating other people’s content
  • Transcription of video and audio files
  • eBook proofreading, layout & formatting

Email Inbox Management

  • Filtering emails and managing spam
  • Organizing your inbox with labels, folders & categories
  • Unsubscribing from unwanted promotional emails.
  • Database building and updating contacts on CRM
  • Sending mass emails, greetings ecards, event invitations.
  • Following up with clients/customers (sending thank you and other reminder emails)

Basic Social Media related (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube)

  • Creating and managing a Facebook page / group
  • Posting and scheduling posts on Facebook
  • Creating customised memes, images for social media
  • Creating your company Twitter account
  • Creating service/product tweet updates
  • Managing and increasing your Twitter following
  • Scheduling tweets and tracking mentions
  • Creating and managing your company LinkedIn profile
  • Creating and managing YouTube account
  • Moderating YouTube comments
  • Uploading videos to other video sharing sites and social media

Basic Web Research

  • Internet research
  • Data mining
  • Research for lead generation
  • Research for article writing
  • Data cleaning

Specialised Tasks

  • Web development and Designing
  • Graphic designing
  • Amazon Store and Seller Central expert
  • Content writing
  • Transcription


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