Frequently Asked Questions

You can start by posting your requirement. We will get back to you with a quote. For one off tasks we will provide you fixed price quotes. If your task is recurring or ongoing we will provide you quotes based on hourly, weekly or monthly rates.

VMG VAs can help you complete business, professional and personal tasks. Have a look at our list of skills. Here are some examples of recent tasks we have worked on.

For one off fixed price tasks (example: website re design) you need to pay in advance based on project mile stones. For on going tasks you need to pre-pay in advance by purchasing hours.

The packaged VA hours purchased are valid for a year.

If we understand your requirement clearly we will respond back to you with a quote. If your requirement needs clarification, we will respond back to you with questions. In some cases, we would need to schedule a call to discuss your requirement.

VMG respects your confidentiality. We will never disclose your name or contact details without written permission.Please feel free to share your / your companies' standard NDA and we will accept the contract and revert with a signed copy.

This depends on your tasks. If it's a one off task a single virtual assistant can coordinate your work. If you have multiple tasks we will assign each task to the best person suitable for the task. There are also scenarios where we have assigned dedicated virtual assistants to clients - one VA to handle all their tasks.

Time is accounted in increments of 5 minutes.

Whenever a task is completed and submitted we will report the number of minutes utilized. We can also send you a detailed time sheet (in Excel) for your tasks whenever you request.

VMG VA team works during India business hours. In US time zone this will be between 11.30 PM EST to 8.30 AM EST Monday to Friday.

Having said that, if you want us to provide virtual assistance during times suitable to your time zone, this can be arranged if you let us know during the pre sales conversation.

The preferred method to interact with your virtual assistant is via email. If you email the task will be assigned to your virtual assistant. Or, you can visit this website and click on Existing Client link on top to post your tasks online. If you like to speak with the VA, you need to set up a time in advance since our team works in shifts and across different time zones

We recognize that at times a client can be unsatisfied with the tasks completed. In such instances we commit to redo that task, wherever possible, till it has been completed to the client's satisfaction (obviously at no extra cost).

VMG virtual assistant service is used by entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses. We provide on demand flexible staffing service to help them complete tasks.